Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to consider on the coldroom location ?

  • A solid level base will be required.
  • Adequate ventilation for the refrigeration system ( if a packaged unit is required – please refer to the Refrigeration Guidelines ).
  • Power provision ( we haven’t invented wirelessly powered coldrooms as yet ! ).
  • Ambient conditions – ( in particular the air temperature in the area ).

Do your coldrooms come in standard sizes ?

A standard range of coldrooms in set sizes is available.

We also offer a custom range of coldrooms where you can specify what is required and we will manufacture and install to suit.

Please refer to our standard coldrooms / custom coldroom sections for further information.

What is the standard height of your coldrooms ?

The standard ( external ) height of our standard range is 2.1m.

Please refer to our standard coldroom section for further information.

We also offer a custom range of coldrooms where you can specify what is required and we will manufacture and install to suit.

Please refer to our custom coldroom section for further information.

Does a Freezer Coldroom need a floor ?

Yes !

Chiller temperature rooms can either be floored or floorless.

Freezer coldrooms must have an insulated floor.

Please also refer to the FAQ section on Frost Heave / Heater mats.

Do you handle Refrigeration ?

We can supply packaged refrigeration units on smaller coldrooms, and work with a variety of refrigeration specialists throughout the UK which we can refer you to if required.

However – we are not refrigeration contractors, and do not have refrigeration service engineers.

Please refer to our Refrigeration Guidelines section for more information.

Will I need an electrician ?

Obviously there is a requirement for a local power supply to all coldrooms.

If you are interested in the coldroom only, then you should refer to your refrigeration specialist for advice on electrical requirements.

If you are interested in the packaged refrigeration units we offer, then we can offer to connect and commission the units. This will be specified as an option on your quotation.

Do you supply Second Hand Panels ?

We do on occasion have a quantity of non-prime panels available, or stock surplus to requirement ( due to layout changes etc ).

Please contact our Sales Department to discuss your requirement.

Do you take down and dispose of existing coldrooms ?

Yes – we can dismantle and dispose of old rooms.

We would need to know the size, type , location and condition of the existing items in order to provide a quotation.

Do you carry out works on other manufacturers coldrooms ?

We offer repair / refurbishment works on any manufacturers coldrooms, from gasket replacements, replacement handles, replacement doors to panel repairs, or even coldroom extensions.

Please refer to our Service and Maintenance department Servacool for more information.

Can you carry out a site survey ?

Yes, on our custom coldroom range we will happily arrange for one of our Area Managers to meetup with you on site to measure up and check things over with you.

Please contact our Sales Department to discuss your requirement.

Can you build rooms outside ?


Our custom coldrooms are available in weatherproof finishes, with a weatherproof roof also. We would recommend discussing your requirement with one of our Area Managers who can assist and advise on what we would recommend.

Please contact our Sales Department to discuss your requirement.

Frost Heave / Heater Mats

Heater mats are designed to prevent the subfloor from dropping below 0 Deg Centigrade.

Frost heave is caused when the subfloor temperature drops below 0 Degrees. This can cause significant ice formation in the subfloor over time.

The effects of such formations can be severe.

We recommend that any ground floor situated freezer room over 9m2 (e.g. 3m x 3m) be fitted with a heater mat to prevent this situation occurring.

Freezer rooms fitted on higher floors ( or above a basement / car park ) do not required heater mats to be fitted.

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