Coldroom Spares

Coldroom spare parts are available by Colsec. We are able to supply a complete range of coldroom spare parts for all of your requirements.

Our comprehensive range of spare parts include the following items:

Sliding Door Parts:
Handles, Locks, Rails, Guides & End Stops

Hinged Door Parts:
Handles, Internal Releases, Locks, Hinges & Strikes

Gaskets Options:
Compression, Sweeper & Magnetic

Fitting Options:

Internal Doors:
Strip Curtains & Flip-Flap Doors

Flashings & Trims:
Coving & Flashings

Aluminium Profiles:
Angles & Top Hats

Shelving Options:
Retractable & Nylon Coated

Protection Systems:
Wall & Floor Systems

Door Options:
Hinged & Sliding Doors

Floors & Walls:
Aluminium & Steel Sheets

Coldroom Rentals:
Trailer Rentals & Coldroom Rentals

Miscellaneous Items:
Electrical Products, Capping, Nuts & Bolts

Parts can be ordered at our online shop

Alternatively, please call 01905 795 070 for assistance.