Modular Coldrooms

Colsec Ltd’s modular coldrooms are designed to ensure years of fault-free operation at the highest levels of thermal efficiency. Suitable for all manner of industries, most common applications include: hotels, restaurants, public houses, retailers etc.


As an extension to Colsec’s modular coldrooms, we also offer made to measure industrial/commercial coldrooms that can be tailored to your exact requirements, whether it be for non-square shapes, varying heights, specific finishes, etc.


We are able to manufacture made to measure Coldrooms that can be tailored to your exact requirements whether it is for a Cleanroom, Laboratory or Environmental Chamber. As a Company we offer a free Site Survey along with professional CAD drawings.

Mortuary Chambers

Our expertise in producing controlled environments is utilised in the production of mortuary chambers. Options vary from single door, 3-tier (3 body), or multi compartment suites. The range can include obese compartments. Fittings include free standing body racks and trays.

Temperature Controlled Environments

We can construct large or small rooms in to temperature controlled environments to protect from heat, cold, hostile atmospheres or other external factors.

Food Preparation Areas

Our panels are ideal for food preparation / production areas, and come as standard with a hygienic white Foodsafe finish.

Coldroom Spares

Colsec are able to supply a complete range of coldroom spare parts for all of your requirements. Parts can be ordered from our online shop at